TeleRegain is a research group in the university of sheffield working on developing brain computer interfaces for practical applications such as for improved recovery and enhanced sports performance.

The Problem

Current sports training approaches focus on developing the athlete’s body to optimise performance through training muscles and coordination. Now the importance of the mind is being recognised with mental imagery training and meditation being practised to train the mind with the body. Despite this, the mind remains on vague terms and training proves hard to track.


Unlock the future of sports performance with TeleRegain, optimising training for both the body and mind.

Brain Waves to Control Electrical Stimulation

We have developed an innovative Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) aiming to revolutionise sports performance with neurotechnology. Its user-friendly design incorporates advanced machine learning algorithms, simplifying the setup process to just 5 minutes at any location.


Reduce Recovery Time, and Maximize Results

This system tracks changes in the brain, utilizing neurofeedback to optimize training for mental state and reaction times. The training is minimally movement-dependent, enabling injured athletes to continue their training while simultaneously reducing recovery time. TeleRegain offers a streamlined and effective approach to enhance athletic performance.

Share your insights

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Brain-Muscle Training


By training the brain and the muscle throughout rehabilitation or even during training sessions, the TeleRegain allows injured athletes to rebuild the brain-muscle connection providing real-time neurofeedback.

Designed to be portable and easy to use, the TeleRegain is accessible for athletes at any location. Whether you’re at the training ground, in a gym, or even at home. TeleRegain adapts to your needs.

Our technology is designed to reestablish this vital connection, enabling athletes to regain control over their muscles and reclaim their peak performance

Injuries are an inevitable part of an athlete’s journey, but they shouldn’t halt progress. TeleRegain’s approach is minimally movement-dependent, allowing injured athletes to continue their training routines while simultaneously reducing recovery time.


Dr Mahnaz Arvaneh

Chief Investigator

Joshua Giles

Research Associate

Dr Sivaraman Nair

Clinical Advisor



TeleRegain, University of Sheffield